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Land Use Regulations

Fort Monmouth Land Use Regulations

The Land Use Regulations and Development and Design Guidelines [pdf 2.3MB] are intended to further the vision described in the Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan (“Reuse Plan”) and are designed to promote flexibility in implementation of the Reuse Plan, where appropriate, so as to focus on the creation and replacement of new jobs and return the region to economic vitality as expeditiously as possible. The Rules were approved by the FMERA Board in June 2013 and were issued in the New Jersey Register on July 15, 2013.

As part of the local site plan and subdivision approval for Fort Monmouth properties, potential developers must submit an application for mandatory conceptual review to FMERA. Information on the mandatory conceptual review can be found below.

The Historic District Design Guidelines [pdf 12.8MB] were approved by FMERA’s Board in March 2015 and are intended to provide guidance on renovations, restorations and new additions to Fort Monmouth’s contributing historic resources in Oceanport and Eatontown. These Guidelines are not included in the Land Use Regulations and are provided for guidance and recommendation only. Learn more about the history of Fort Monmouth here and FMERA’s obligations and plans for the National Register-listed Historic District here.

The following amendments to the Reuse Plan are intended to allow for alternative or additional development concepts, and were adopted by the FMERA Board. These amendments are considered supplementary to the Land Use Regulations.