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Staff Advisory Committees

FMERA currently has four Staff Advisory Committees: Environmental, Historic Preservation, Housing and Veterans. These committees are comprised of Board Members as well as members of the public, and each committee is Chaired by a Board Member. Committee composition is determined by the Authority in accordance with its by-laws. The purpose of the Staff Advisory Committees is to address issues related to the redevelopment and reuse of Fort Monmouth, and help the staff resolve those issues. Additionally, as required by the Authority’s enabling Act and by-laws, the Historic Preservation and Environmental Staff Advisory Committees serve as the exclusive “historic preservation commission” and the “environmental commission” for land use matters within the project areas.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Staff Advisory Committee Meetings are not open to the Public, but each Chairperson reports out to the Board, and to the Public, on the Committee’s activities and findings at the monthly meetings of the Authority. The committees do not have the authority to take any action binding FMERA.

Historic Preservation Staff Advisory Committee

  • Mayor Jay Coffey, Chairman
  • Randall Gabrielan, Monmouth County Representative
  • Gary Baldwin, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Kathy English, Eatontown Representative
  • Ted Ibex, Oceanport Representative
  • Edward O’Neill, College Educator
  • Ned Gaunt, Developer by Trade
  • Real Estate Professional – Open
  • Dorothy Guzzo, Advocacy Group Representative

Housing Staff Advisory Committee

  • Gina Fischetti, Chairwoman
  • Donna Blaze, Monmouth County Representative
  • Linda Zucaro, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Mayor Dennis Connelly, Eatontown Representative
  • Oceanport Representative – Open
  • College Educator – Open
  • Developer by Trade – Open
  • Paul Ceppi, Real Estate Professional
  • John Yaecker, Advocacy Group Representative

Veterans Staff Advisory Committee

  • Lillian Burry, Chairwoman
  • Sue Moleon, Monmouth County Representative
  • Gary Baldwin, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Everett Lucas, Eatontown Representative
  • Ted Ibex, Oceanport Representative
  • Steve Curto, College Educator
  • Scott Havard, Developer by Trade
  • Real Estate Developer – Open
  • Chris Gramicionni, Advocacy Group Representative

Environmental Staff Advisory Committee

  • Kenneth J. Kloo, Chairman
  • Linda Range, Department of Environmental Protection, Case Manager
  • Jennifer DiLorenzo, Monmouth County Representative
  • Edward Dlugosz, Eatontown Representative
  • Richard Gruskos, Oceanport Representative
  • Jonathan Cohen, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Real Estate Professional – Open
  • Developer by Trade – Open
  • Barbara T. Reagor, Ph.D. – College Educator
  • Ben Forest, Advocacy Group Representative

Environmental Staff Advisory Committee Updates

January 18, 2017

Kenneth J. Kloo stated that the Committee met on January 9th and discussed the following:

  • Discussion regarding a potential project currently in negotiations for the Squier Hall parcel in Oceanport, which may include the use of the former landfills known as FTMM-08 and FTMM-18. A portion of the parcel is within environmental carve-outs and the developer has expressed interest in a potential lease of the property in order to begin investigations and site work. The Army has prepared a Finding of Suitability to Lease (FOSL) for the Squier Hall building and surrounding development area. FMERA staff shared details of the FOSL, which was available for public comment until December 27th. The Committee discussed the leasing process, the potential redevelopment on and near the landfills, and the landfill closure plan under development.
  • Discussion regarding the Mandatory Conceptual Review (MCR) application received from Pinebrook Commerce Center, LLC, the contracted purchaser of the former Fabrication Shops in Tinton Falls. No detrimental impacts were identified in the Environmental Features Checklist submitted by the applicant, therefore, no further action by the Committee is warranted.
  • Update on Parcels 28, 38 and 69. These three environmental carve-outs have received No Further Action (NFA) letters from the NJ DEP. The Army has begun drafting  the Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for these three parcels and, when complete, the drafts will be posted for public review and comment.
  • Discussion regarding a proposed trail network that incorporates the planned blue/green belt system envisioned in the Reuse Plan with the current and upcoming development projects, the Army’s potential landfill closure plan and existing wetlands mapping.
  • FMERA staff provided an update on the controlled bow hunt approved by the NJ DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife, which will continue until January 28th.
  • Update on discussions with the NJ DEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, and the plan to advise tenants and visitors to the site that no potable water will be available for a period of time. A program of bottled water distribution will being in the interim.
  • FMERA staff provided a summary of the current Requests for Offers to Purchase for the Lodging Area and Allison Hall Complex in Oceanport.