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Site Selection Data

Coming Soon – Site Selection Data

FMERA seeks to provide all the necessary information for developers, investors and innovators to determine if Fort Monmouth is the optimal site to locate their project. In pursuit of that goal, additional information will be gathered that provides key data elements relevant to Fort Monmouth. These include the following:

  • Leading Employers
  • New Companies in the Area
  • Average Salary by Occupation
  • Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance
  • Percent of Workforce Organized
  • Real and Personal Property Tax
  • Average Costs of Sites
  • Utilities
  • Quality of Life Data for the Local Municipalities and School Districts

By incorporating these elements, FMERA seeks to comply with the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Site Selection Data Standards, which constitute the industry standard for the site selection process. FMERA is an IEDC member organization.

In the meantime, interested parties can learn more about key Area Assets, Demographics,  and Targeted Industries on our website,