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FMERA Seeks Proposals for Redevelopment of Suneagles Golf Course, Related Amenities

Suneagles New

Suneagles Golf Course in Eatontown

On October 8, 2015, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) staff issued a Request for Offers to Purchase (RFOTP) for the Suneagles Golf Course and associated facilities in Eatontown section of Fort Monmouth. The 171-acre parcel of land includes the historic Gibbs Hall, which is a 37,125 square-foot club house/catering facility that can accommodate over 650 people, along with Joe’s Sports Bar and a maintenance facility. The property also includes an in-ground swimming pool, tennis courts, maintenance facility, and a pro-shop.

“In seeking proposals for redevelopment of the golf course and its related amenities, we’re adding yet another element to the live-work-play environment being created here at Fort Monmouth,” Director of Facilities Planning Rick Harrison said.

Gibbs Hall (2)

Gibbs Hall, the clubhouse and catering facility listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Consistent with the Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan (Reuse Plan), the RFOTP seeks proposals that will keep the property as a golf course with a new 150 room hotel conference center to be developed in the area of the existing 10-acre Megill Housing area. However, proposals for using the Megill Area for commercial use other than hospitality will be considered provided that the potential purchaser commits to maintaining the surrounding property as a golf course. The Suneagles property will have a deed restriction specifying that the property be maintained as a golf course for a minimum of 20 years following the transfer of the title, although proposals offering to carry the deed restriction beyond the 20-year period will receive special consideration in the scoring process.

For more information, please visit the FMERA website. Proposals are due by noon on February 5, 2016.