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Mayor Dennis J. Connelly


In January 2015, Dennis J. Connelly began serving his first term as Mayor of the Borough of Eatontown. Prior to being elected as Mayor, Mr. Connelly served two terms on the Eatontown Borough Council as a Councilman and most recently as Council President. During his tenure in these roles, Mr. Connelly served in varying capacities as the Police Commissioner, Chairman of the Police, Public Lights and Tenants Rights Committee, Member of the Finance and Ordinance Committee, Member of the Public Works and Welfare Committee, and Council Liaison to the Traffic Advisory Committee, Emergency Management/Auxiliary Police Committee, and Alcohol and Drug Alliance Committee.

Public service has always been important to Mr. Connelly’s family. He is a third generation retired Police Officer. He proudly served twenty-five years with the Eatontown Police Department and retired in 2007. Keeping Eatontown’s young people safe and free from the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gang involvement have always been one of Mr. Connelly’s top priorities. He served as the Police Community Service, DARE and the Eatontown Schools Resource Officer. Mr. Connelly was the Advisor to the Eatontown Police Explorers Post 1311 and the Eatontown Youth Committee.

Mr. Connelly was also actively involved in the leadership of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association. He retired from the organization as Third Vice President. He served as the Conference Chairman of the Monmouth County Policemen’s Benevolent Association for two years, was the State Delegate of the Eatontown Policemen’s Benevolent Association for eight years, and was a New Jersey State Police and Firemen’s Pension Board Trustee for four years.

Mr. Connelly is also active in other community groups including the Eatontown Elks Club and the Eatontown Lions Club.

Mr. Connelly is a proud father of three children, Eric, Amanda and Shane. He is a lifelong resident of Eatontown.