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Purchase and Sale Agreement for Dance Hall Parcel Advances FMERA’s Live-Work-Play Vision in Oceanport

The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) Board this month authorized staff to enter into a Purchase and Sale & Redevelopment Agreement (PSARA) with AP Development Partners for the redevelopment of the approximately 4.2-acre Dance Hall parcel in Oceanport. The property contains the 16,000-square-foot former recreation building, better known as the Dance Hall, Van Kirk Park and associated parking areas.

Building 552

Building 552, also known as the Dance Hall, in Oceanport

The Dance Hall was targeted for demolition under the Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan; however, as adopted by the FMERA Board in January 2016, the Reuse Plan Amendment #4, permits an alternative development scenario for the building, allowing reuse for commercial /retail space and clarifying that reuse possibilities include craft production and outdoor dining.

AP Development proposes redeveloping the property for commercial and retail uses, including entertainment and restaurants. Specifically, AP Development has indicated that potential users of the facility include a restaurant/café, microbrewery and coffee roaster. Under the PSARA, Van Kirk Park will be retained as open space, and entertainment events will be hosted in the park throughout the year.

Van Kirk

Van Kirk Park, included in the sale of the Dance Hall parcel

“In addition to attracting businesses and residential redevelopment opportunities, we’re eager to create a place in Oceanport where residents and employees can relax and socialize,” FMERA Executive Director Bruce Steadman said. “AP Development Partners’ plans for the Dance Hall Parcel are aligned with that vision.”

All Board actions take effect at the expiration of the statutory period for the Governor’s review and consideration of the meeting minutes.