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Major Infrastructure Upgrades Completed on the Main Post

During the early stages of Fort Monmouth’s redevelopment, it was determined that the utility demands of future development on the Fort would likely require substantial infrastructure upgrades. Over the past several years, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) has worked collaboratively with gas, electric, water, and wastewater utility companies to develop a comprehensive plan for delivering service to businesses and residences within the Fort’s boundaries. Proceeds from the sale of property continue to fund these essential upgrades.

The first phase of a new water supply system on the Main Post in Oceanport, which includes the Fort Monmouth Historic District, is substantially complete as of March 2018.  The main trunk line is installed, pressurized, and tested. This water main will serve the North and South Post historic housing, Russel Hall, Triumphant Life Church, Family Promise, Barker Circle, and the Fitness Center as well as future development on Sherrill and Saltzman Avenues. Phases two and three, which will expand the first phase to the south and west, are in the design and engineering stages. Water infrastructure upgrades will provide more efficient service to property on-site, as well as positively impact services to the rest of the community.

Additionally, a new sanitary sewer main project along Sherrill Avenue is in the final permitting process.  This main will serve the historic housing at the North Post and buildings along the north side of the Main Post in Oceanport.

These step-by-step utility improvements will help fuel the redevelopment momentum that is underway. Finalizing the plan for improvement of the electrical system is in process and the transfer of Oceanport streets to the Borough is under evaluation.

The ultimate build-out value of the anticipated redevelopment in the Oceanport section of the Fort alone is estimated to approach $500 million, which will generate substantial local property tax and infrastructure district revenue for the Borough and FMERA, respectively, to fund the completion of the infrastructure work.