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Board Committees

Board Committees are structured in accordance with the Authority’s enabling Act, by-laws, and other applicable law, such as Executive Orders, and are comprised of Board Members of the Authority.  The establishment or abolishment of committees not required by law is determined by the Chairperson of the Authority, or by resolution of the Authority’s members, in accordance with the by-laws.  The duties of each committee are identified in the mechanism establishing the committee: by-laws, Chairperson statement, or Authority resolution. The Committees do not have the authority to take any action binding FMERA.

The Committee meetings are not open to the Public, but each Chairperson reports out, to the Board and to the Public, on the Committee’s activities and findings at the monthly meetings of the Authority.

Audit Committee

  • Mayor Anthony Talerico, Jr., Vice-Chairman
  • Tracy Buckley, Tinton Falls Borough Council President
  • Stephen Gallo, Public Board Member

Audit Committee Charter

Real Estate Committee

  • McKenzie Wilson, Chairwoman
  • Mayor Anthony Talerico, Jr., Vice-Chairman
  • Lillian Burry, Monmouth County Commissioner
  • Mayor Jay Coffey