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Greetings from Fort Monmouth:

The FMERA team is committed to the highest level of transparency and accountability, and with increased activity and interest on the part of investors, developers, and entrepreneurs, we feel an even greater responsibility to keep our stakeholders informed and engaged in the redevelopment process. In support of this vital tenet, we invite you to explore the FMERA website, featuring important Board actions, public information, and other noteworthy highlights. As you visit our site and navigate our webpage, you will see that we have been quite busy over the last few years.

Ownership of the former Army installation was transferred to FMERA in two separate deeds, in 2014 and 2016, respectively. As of this writing, some 85 percent of the real estate is engaged in one or more of 35+ projects covering portions of the three host municipalities of Tinton Falls, Eatontown, and Oceanport. The underlying objectives of the Mission are the creation of 10,000 jobs and $2 Billion of total redevelopment investment, which will provide significant economic impetus and tax revenue for the three Boroughs and the County of Monmouth. So far, we have established over 1,500 jobs and development projects underway are slated to deliver in excess of $1 billion in capital investment.

In addition to achieving various development milestones, we have achieved great success addressing aging infrastructure, through the installation of new, New Jersey American Water (NJAW) lines across the Main Post and the construction of a water storage tank on the NJAW Tank parcel located adjacent to the Howard Commons parcel (Eatontown) in Charles Wood; the on-going decommissioning of the former Army-owned sewer system, including the installation of new Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority sanitary lines along with funding and approval for the construction of new pump station on the Main Post (Oceanport); and lastly, the transfer of the Charles Wood electrical system to JCP&L and the planned transfer of the Main Post electrical system, which will include the construction of a brand new electrical substation funded by the Authority.

Together with our partners and stakeholders, and based on our joint success to date, we commit to continuing our collective efforts to rejuvenate the former Fort as a source of new jobs, investment and community pride for the residents of Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Oceanport, and Monmouth County.

As our development evolves, we look forward to sharing with you the Fort’s tremendous progress.

Kara Kopach
Executive Director