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Staff Advisory Committees

FMERA currently has four Staff Advisory Committees: Environmental, Historic Preservation, Housing and Veterans. These committees are comprised of Board Members as well as members of the public, and each committee is Chaired by a Board Member. Committee composition is determined by the Authority in accordance with its by-laws. The purpose of the Staff Advisory Committees is to address issues related to the redevelopment and reuse of Fort Monmouth, and help the staff resolve those issues. Additionally, as required by the Authority’s enabling Act and by-laws, the Historic Preservation and Environmental Staff Advisory Committees serve as the exclusive “historic preservation commission” and the “environmental commission” for land use matters within the project areas.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Staff Advisory Committee Meetings are not open to the Public, but each Chairperson reports out to the Board, and to the Public, on the Committee’s activities and findings at the monthly meetings of the Authority. The committees do not have the authority to take any action binding FMERA.

Historic Preservation Staff Advisory Committee

  • Mayor Jay Coffey, Chairman
  • Randall Gabrielan, Monmouth County Representative
  • Gary Baldwin, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Kathy English, Eatontown Representative
  • Ric Siciliano, Oceanport Representative
  • Edward O’Neill, College Educator
  • Ned Gaunt, Developer by Trade
  • Ric Siciliano, Real Estate Professional
  • Dorothy Guzzo, Advocacy Group Representative

Housing Staff Advisory Committee

  • Robert Long, Chairman
  • Monmouth County Representative – Open
  • Linda Zucaro, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Anthony Talerico, Eatontown Representative
  • Steve Briskey, Oceanport Representative
  • College Educator – Open
  • Developer by Trade – Open
  • Paul Ceppi, Real Estate Professional
  • Diane Kinnane, Advocacy Group Representative

Veterans Staff Advisory Committee

  • Lillian Burry, Chairwoman
  • Sue Moleon, Monmouth County Representative
  • Gary Baldwin, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Everett Lucas, Eatontown Representative
  • John Bennett, Oceanport Representative
  • Steve Curto, College Educator
  • Scott Havard, Developer by Trade
  • Real Estate Developer – Open
  • Chris Gramicionni, Advocacy Group Representative

Environmental Staff Advisory Committee

  • Elizabeth Dragon, Chairwoman
  • Ashish Joshi, Department of Environmental Protection, Case Manager
  • Jennifer DiLorenzo, Monmouth County Representative
  • Ken Kretsch, Eatontown Representative
  • Richard Gruskos, Oceanport Representative
  • Jonathan Cohen, Tinton Falls Representative
  • Real Estate Professional – Open
  • Developer by Trade – Open
  • College Educator – Open
  • Ben Forest, Advocacy Group Representative

Please refer to FMERA Board Meeting Minutes to review Advisory Committee Minutes.

Old meeting minutes may be found below: