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August 16, 2012


EATONTOWN, NJ – Continuing its efforts to keep stakeholders informed and engaged in the redevelopment process, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) recently began publishing a monthly newsletter featuring important Board actions and other noteworthy highlights.

FMERA Executive Director Bruce Steadman issued the following statement to complement the first issue of the newsletter, which was distributed following the July Board meeting:

“In May, the State of New Jersey took a significant step forward in the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth when the Memorandum of Agreement transferring the property from the U.S. Army to FMERA was formally signed.  The momentous occasion marked a new day at the Fort, and strengthened FMERA’s ability to carry out our mission to create an atmosphere in which employers will employ and investors will invest, to maximize the jobs created and the value of the property.

The FMERA team remains committed to the highest level of transparency and accountability, and with increased activity and interest, we feel an even greater responsibility to keep all of our stakeholders informed and engaged in the redevelopment process.  In support of this vital tenet, we are pleased to share with you the first issue of FMERA’s monthly newsletter.  This publication is available on our website via the “Newsletter” menu option.

Together, we are embarking on a new future for the Fort; and collectively, we will recreate this area as a new source of jobs, investment and community pride for the residents of Monmouth County and across New Jersey.

Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing with you the tremendous progress that is taking shape at Fort Monmouth through this and other vehicles.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope you enjoy the first issue of FMERA’s newsletter.”

In other FMERA news, Board agendas will now be available to the public at 6:30 p.m. at the Board meeting, prior to the start of the monthly meeting. The Board agenda contains staff recommendation memos, with background materials as appropriate.  The “agenda in brief” is available on the FMERA website 48 hours before the scheduled monthly meeting.  Previously, Board agendas were only made available the day after the meetings were held.  This new policy came at the request of FMERA Board Chairman James V. Gorman.

“The FMERA Board and entire FMERA team want to ensure that members of the public, the media and all stakeholders have access to current, relevant and accurate information as we continue our work to transform Fort Monmouth into a desirable destination that emphasizes the creation of jobs, vibrant neighborhoods, and new housing opportunities,” Chairman Gorman said.

In August 2010, Governor Chris Christie signed into law the “Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority Act,” creating FMERA and charging it with advancing the Reuse and Redevelopment Plan authored by FMERA’s predecessor agency, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Planning Authority.  The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) staffs FMERA, which currently has eight employees working out of an office in Eatontown.

Led by Chairman Gorman, FMERA Board members include EDA Chairman Alfred Koeppe, Governor’s Authorities Unit Director Regina Egea, Monmouth County Freeholder Lillian Burry, Eatontown Mayor Gerald Tarantolo, Oceanport Mayor Michael Mahon, Tinton Falls Mayor Michael Skudera, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Richard E. Constable III, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin, New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Harold Wirths, New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner James Simpson, and Public Members Dr. Robert Lucky and Robert Ades.

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