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FMERA Board Takes Next Step in Amending Reuse Plan for an Alternative Development Scenario in Oceanport

At its September meeting, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) approved the transmittal of Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan (Reuse Plan) Proposed Plan Amendment #11 to the boroughs of Oceanport, Eatontown, and Tinton Falls.

Each host municipality is provided a 45-day comment period, at the end of which it has an opportunity to provide FMERA a written report containing the municipality’s recommendations.  Staff will review the report from each host municipality and prepare a preliminary analysis with reasons for accepting or not accepting the recommendations. This amendment to the Reuse Plan proposes that the development scenarios on the Lodging Area parcel and the Allison Hall parcel, both of which are in the Oceanport section of the Fort, be interchanged.

With respect to Allison Hall, the Reuse Plan envisioned that the 36,665-square-foot facility would be reused as office space and the remaining buildings onsite would be demolished. The Reuse Plan intended that the Allison Hall parcel would be part of the mixed use (i.e. retail, office and residential uses) along Oceanport Avenue. This portion of the Reuse Area would serve as a gateway to the area, and specifically the Fort Monmouth Historic District. The Allison Hall Parcel was intended for mixed-income apartments, retail and professional offices. A planned, scenic waterfront promenade along Parker’s Creek was intended to be extended from Oceanport Avenue to link with the adjacent planned Lodging Area containing a boutique hotel and the Officer Housing development. The Reuse Plan also anticipated that Signal Avenue would be open from Oceanport Avenue and that a second entrance from Oceanport Avenue between Signal Avenue and the main gate at Hildreth Avenue would be created.

While the Reuse Plan identified the adjacent Lodging parcel as the site of the boutique hotel, it has been determined that the Allison Hall parcel would provide better access and be better suited to accommodate a boutique hotel use given its proximity to Oceanport Avenue. Therefore, the proposed Plan Amendment #11 transfers the residential units proposed on the Allison Hall parcel to the Lodging parcel and permits the boutique hotel on the Allison Hall parcel. The amendment continues to allow for the reuse of Allison Hall as office space, but in addition to office space, also permits retail and commercial uses.

FMERA staff anticipates bringing a contract to the Board for the Allison Hall parcel before the end of the year.

Note: FMERA Board action is subject to a ten (10) day veto period by the Governor.