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FMERA Transfers Existing Cell Tower to Longtime Lessee

This June, FMERA issued a Request for Sealed Bids (RFB) in connection with the sale of an approximately 0.58 parcel of land containing the Fort Monmouth Telecommunications Tower and adjacent land, located in the Oceanport section of Fort Monmouth. Two compliant bids were received. Following review by the evaluation committee and under the terms of Section 5.0 of the RFB, FMERA requested a Best in Final Sealed Bid, resulting in an ultimate sale price of $1.1 million, offered by Global Signal Acquisitions IV, LLC (GSA).

GSA and/or its subsidiary has maintained and operated the existing communications tower through an agreement with the Army since 2005.

FMERA sold the property to GSA on October 25, 2019, who will continue to provide vital communications services.