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Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) to Issue Requests for Offers to Purchase (RFOTPs) for Pulse Power Building and Building 2719

At its October Board meeting, the FMERA Board approved the issuance of RFOTPs for the Pulse Power Building and Building 2719, located in Fort Monmouth’s Tinton Falls Reuse Area. The Pulse Power Building, also known as Building 2707, is a special purpose facility consisting of 15,690 sf of administrative offices and 10,786 sf of dry lab and testing space. The Fort Monmouth Reuse & Redevelopment Plan (Reuse Plan) contemplates the building’s reuse for office and/or research & development use. To broaden the range of possible future uses, the Pulse Power building and its outbuildings will be offered for either office/R&D or an alternate commercial use consistent with or complementing the planned uses in the area, and will allow either reuse of the building or demolition and redevelopment of the parcel. Adjacent parcels include the Pistol Range and the Fabrication Shops, which include a broad array of commercial and light-industrial uses.

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Building 2719 consists of 6,574 sf of administrative space and a 2,448 high-bay garage constructed in 2006. Amendments to the Reuse Plan have substantially changed the land use plan for the Tinton Falls Reuse Area, and as a result Building 2719 is now accessible and its reuse for commercial purposes would be consistent with adjacent uses. Due to the construction of a new access drive running west to Pearl Harbor Avenue, Building 2719 and Pulse Power could potentially be redeveloped as one project. The property also includes Building 2704, a 50-year old, 6,226 sf testing facility known as the Shake & Bake lab, which the Army used to test prototypes. Building 2704 is slated for demolition.

FMERA intends to issue RFOTPs for the Pulse Power Building and Building 2719 before the close of 2017. Additional scoring consideration will be given to proposers who offer to purchase and redevelop both properties. Interested parties can stay up-to-date on upcoming RFOTPS by signing up for our Available Properties newsletter at

Note: FMERA Board action is subject to a ten (10) day veto period by the Governor.