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Warehouse District Expanded Prior to Issuance of RFOTP

The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization (FMERA) Board closed out a successful 2017 by authorizing the issuance of Requests for Offers to Purchase (RFOTPs) in December for three abutting parcels in the Oceanport Reuse Area: The Commissary and PX; the Warehouse District; and the Post Office Area. The Board also authorized staff to offer the 1000 Parking Area, an approximately six-acre tract, for off-street parking as an optional sub-parcel available to parties bidding on the Commissary and PX and/or the Warehouse District.

Two former barracks buildings adjacent to the Warehouse District, previously envisioned for supportive housing for the homeless, will now be made available for commercial, active recreation or office/research and development use as a part of the Warehouse District parcel.
Given their proximity to the Warehouse District, adding Buildings 912 & 913 to the Warehouse District will allow the parcel’s eastern boundary to extend to Murphy Drive, enabling bidders to better access and utilize the larger parcel. It will also avoid FMERA’s retention of an otherwise unbuildable parcel located between the Warehouse District and the future site of Monmouth County’s Emergency Homeless Shelter.

Buildings 912 & 913 were initially intended for reuse by the Affordable Housing Alliance for operation by HABcore, a not-for-profit organization that provides permanent housing to homeless families, veterans and others in need. However, the buildings were deemed not readily adaptable for HABcore’s needs. The Affordable Housing Alliance, HABcore and FMERA will jointly seek to identify another mutually-acceptable location within the Oceanport Reuse Area.

FMERA anticipates the issuance of RFOTPs for the Warehouse District and several other nearby parcels in the first half of 2018.

Note: FMERA Board action is subject to a ten (10) day veto period by the Governor.